Remembering Dois Rosser

Dois Rosser began his legacy as an entrepreneur who founded the Pomoco Auto Group in Hampton Roads, Va. A Christian at age 12 and a longtime member of the Presbyterian church, Rosser began seeking a way he could further God’s Kingdom as a businessman in the 1970s. He served on the boards of Trans World Radio, Prison Fellowship, and Leighton Ford Ministries. Then, he encountered Virginia church planter Dick Woodward and his clear, compelling survey of the Bible called The Mini Bible College (MBC). Rosser knew there was a tremendous need for such materials among oral learners in poor countries. So in 1986, at age 65, he founded ICM to put MBC into the hands of people around the world. READ MORE


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“The Gospel has always worked through the power of the One who transforms human lives – person by person, community by community, nation by nation” –Dois Rosser

In celebration of the life of Dois I. Rosser Jr.

May we never forget his example.

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