Chuck Colson

Founder of Prison Fellowship

“There are so many lessons we can draw from Dois’s life. The first is the biggest. He evidences the truth of the challenge given to Dwight L. Moody: ‘The world has yet to see what God can do through one man fully committed to Him.’

“Dois also shows us that it is never too late in life to take on something big for God. We need not wait for huge, cosmic solutions to the needs in our world today. If we do, we’ll never do anything. But we can love individuals and communities of people as God gives opportunities—if we are insightful and courageous enough to take those opportunities.”

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President, International Operation. Advancing Native Missions

Dear Sister Janice,

We grieve with you with the loss of your father and one of our Hero for his exemplary service for our Lord’s Kingdom in this world. He was not only a visionary, but fulfilled his vision and made it a reality which has resulted as a great blessing to millions of our brethren in various parts of the world. What a legacy he has left behind and the blessing will continue even after he is gone. A life well lived and he has finished the race well.

At the same time Anju and myself feel really privileged that we could visit him last Friday just four days before his departure. We could hold his hand and pray for him. We are very much grateful to you for making it possible.

We will continue to pray for you and your family members to comfort you and guide you during this difficult time.

We will look forward to come and participate in celebrating his life as we get further information of the service.

We love you dear sister.
PR & Anju.

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Manager/ ICM Projects in the Republic of Benin (Forusquare Gospel Church)

We are saddened by the loss of a legend of missions ministry of our time Our father Dois Rosser, Jr was a pioneer for many of us in the Kingdom ministry particularly in the field of church planting and expansion of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus-Christ Personally, I was touched very uniquely since I was detailed to lead the ICM projects in our church movement, the Foursquare Gospel Church in the Republic of Benin, West Africa There are no words to describe the enthusiasm and great joy that people show as we dedicate the temples (now up to 30 in total) With no doubt, Mr Rosser has run the race of righteousness and served quite unflinchingly the cause of the Gospe; of Jesus-Christ, the Nazarene I am sure he is now envisioning the glorious crown promised to those who serve rightly We will for ever remember his leadership and ministry as we we will continue to be recipients of his amazing dedication to God and his Kingdom At this sorrowful time, the entire membership of the Foursquare Gospel Church in Benin and its national leadership hereby send along their eulogies to the Rosser family in particular and ICM international board and leading organs at large on this loss God bless and keep ICM!

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Michael Morisi

I met Dois nearly 15 years ago and had frequent opportunities to visit with him. I found his faith and deep desire to help people so authentic and genuine. He would share all he had accomplished with great zeal, but always gave the glory to God. He was quick to say he didn’t build this...God did. He would also offer wisdom to help me find my path and I have never forgotten his advice. He will be missed, but I can’t help but smile thinking about his arrival in Heaven and the joy on Jesus face as He showed Dois the thousands who made it there because he was instrumental in providing a way for them to find Jesus. Rest In Peace my friend. I will see you again.

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Carol O’Brien

Janice Allen, daughter of Dois and Shirley Rosser, visited my church, Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico for a Missions Conference in April 2016. I have never forgotten the amazing testimony she gave of this wonderful ministry her parents founded. I continue to pray for Janice and her family and for ICM. May God continue to bless ICM in a powerful way! This family are true servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Zoran Ploscar
Trillium, CEO

Mr. Rosser was introduced to me by a friend after I shared with him my vision of funding church projects in developing nations as a reward for company growth & profitability. Mr. Rosser was so kind as we talked during our first few talks on the phone. But through the kindness, you can sense the intense passion for the Lord and his desire to see the nations reached for eternity. He then invited me to a board dinner in Oct 2016 where I got a first hand look at the excellence at which ICM was operating by.

What I appreciated most though is the time in Mr. Rosser's office where he sat me down, encouraged me, and then put his hands on my shoulders as he prayed for me. He is a gentle warrior in the faith and is a hero in the current chapter God is writing with our life.

Janice asked this question at a recent ICM event: "What will you do with what God has put in your hand?" This has turned into more than a question, but a mandate. A mandate that is solidified by a batton that has been officially passed not only to the ICM team, but to all of us as disciples of Jesus.

God Bless Mr. Rosser and the entire family during this time of grieving and rejoicing, in Jesus name!

Nancy Croker
Former board member, supporter, friend

Dois Rosser and the family of ICM changed my life by allowing me the opportunity to share in fulfilling the Great Commission and to see firsthand how a life fully devoted to the Lord blooms with such love and joy and purpose. I will always love and respect you Mr. Rosser. Soon...

Newbegin Packianathan
Christian Reformed Fellowship of India

CRFI being a new partner to work with ICM in India, we do not know personally Mr. Dois Rosser. However, we have heard testimonies through ICM Director to India Mr. Sam about the dedication and commitment of Mr. Dois Rosser towards building of kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ and how he remained steadfast and focused in his vision. We thank our Lord for the life of Mr. Dois Rosser and we pass our heartfelt condolences for the family of Mr. Dois Rosser.

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Jim Zanios

I met Dois on a Chuck Colson trip to Hong Kong, the Philippines and Singapore. As we departed Hong Kong, he said this is where I have to say good bye because I am going to start our first Church in India. Look at what God has done through ICM MInisitries because a man and his family heard His call. Bless the Rosser family for the loss of their parents. In Christ's Love and appreciation, Jim Zanios, Albuquerque, NM

John Gilman
Dayspring International

Jesus said, "it is to my Father's glory that you bear much fruit." One day in the earlier years of ICM Dois excitedly brought me into his office to show me a map stuck full of push pins across the Sub-Continent of India. With a great big grin on his face, he joyfully announced, "there are 467 churches ICM has built there and hundreds more are planned." What an inspiration he was. Only God knows how much fruit, for the Father's glory, has been produced from the life of our dear brother.

John Gilman Sr., Founder Dayspring International.

Frank Brock
President of Covenant College, Retired

Dois and Shirley were friends and mentors. They were our seniors by about twenty years. We not only loved them, but we admired them and the thoughtful, purposeful life they lived. They taught us so much about loving Christ and one another. We loved the way they loved family and friends, and we loved the way they loved Jesus. The ICM work grew out of their first loves. We rejoice in Dois' life and wish to extend to the family our deepest sympathy.

Maryna VanderJagt

It has been 20 years since the kindness of this man changed my life. I want to honor Mr. Rosser’s life today because of his calling to built churches all over the world has change my life for eternity. Mr. Dois Rosser is now rejoicing with Jesus and is able to see the big picture of what his actions has done for people all over the world. I’m one of those people that he’s not just built a church for in Ukraine but he went even further. He choose to bring me and my sister to America in 1999 for me to receive reconstructive surgeries. I’m not very good with words but I thank God that He didn’t let me die in the world of despair and no hope. I’m so thankful that God sent Mr. Rosser to build that church in my hometown Bucha, Ukraine. I know it seems so long ago and many events took place since but I never forget Mr. Rosser and how he answered on God’s calling to build churches and also notice me. I know my life would have been so different if that church wasn’t built, my whole family’s life would have been different. I don’t know if I or my family would have became believers in Jesus. I don’t know if I would even be still alive if I was still living in Ukraine without hope for better future. I will forever be grateful to God for using Mr. Rosser to give hope in hopeless situation. Because of that act my life been full of hope. Yes there are bumps on the road but God has been good through it all. God has truly restored all those years that I lived in misery and gave me so much more that I could have even imagined. God gave me a husband who loves me for who I am and even though I still have scars he tells me I’m beautiful. God gave me two beautiful children a boy 1st Jeremiah and then a girl Anna. God knew my desires to have kids. They are exactly the kids I needed to have. They both have challenges but I think that’s what keeps us on our knees and humbled that we are not in control God is. God has a plan for my kids like he did for me. I know that Mr. Rosser’s legacy will go on through so many that he touched. Praise God for great things He has done!!! “Lord, You are my God; I will exalt You and praise Your name, for in perfect faithfulness You have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” Isaiah‬ ‭25:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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Mike Peterson

Karen and I were introduced to Dois about 3 years ago at event in Orlando with George W Bush. As we were chatting with him, he could recite every fact concerning my father and mother's support of ICM over the last 10 years. And he was 95 at that point. And he was so kind and considerate. I can only dream of achieving what Dois has achieved.

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Marty Howell
Hilda W. Allen Real Estate, Inc. Golf Course and Resort Brokerage

Praise God for the privilege to meet and talk with Mr. Rosser. He was an inspiration to talk to and his love for Christ and his willingness to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home and around the World was phenomenal. This world has lost a great man. It is not common to start a business meeting with a prayer but every meeting I had with Mr. Rosser we did. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of meeting him and I look forward to seeing him again someday!

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Sam Ely

I met Dois in Hampton at his office while enrolling my daughter at Hampton University. We live in San Diego CA. I had heard of his ministry and I wanted to meet him and connect my child with a Godly ministry. Mr. Rosser was more than gracious. While he had visitor from around the world in the office, he sat me down and we talked shop. My eyes were opened to the various ministries in which he was devoted. He shared with me first-hand his life story, family story, his visions and his hope of glory. He even signed my copy of one of his publications. He truly inspired me to the point I mentioned his ministry model to several people over the years. Everytime I begin the think I'm too old to carry on in service and ministry, I think of my brother Dois. With God's blessing, I'll be going until I'm 98 years old too.

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Pastor Cuong Huynh
Buon Ma Thuot Church

Được tin cụ Dois Rosser về nước Chúa, thay cho Hội thánh và gia đinh xin chia buồn cùng tang quyến.

Bishop David Gomba
Overseer Zion Assembly Church of God-Tanzania.

Bro Dois Rosser touched my life and the Zion Assembly Church of God-Tanzania. When we met for the first time at the headquarters of ICM in 2015, we were not qualify to meet the criteria of partnership with ICM with just 9 churches, but thanks God he talked to the board and approved us to be in partnership with ICM,our first building was in 2016, and from there the work exploded, the revival took place up to this moment which means within four years we have build 18 churches and Health Centre plus Children word. To God be the Glory. I personally you touched my life and you blessed my ministry may good Jesus Christ keep your soul and Rest In Peace till we meet again, though you have gone home but still you are touching the lives of people and the work you started still bringing more to Christ. You were a good soldier and may the Lord bless you and stand with your family as well as the work of which you started to be more stronger than ever. You were a loving man and visionary person. Rest In Peace till we meet again.

Rev. Mammen Joseph

I thank and praise God for the life of Brother Dois Rosser Jr. He was a great man of God who was used all around the world to share the Love and Peace of our King Jesus Christ. God brought me in touch with him in a very important crossroad of my life and God used him to be a blessing in our ministry and in our lives. I know and believe that his legacy will remain and continue to glorify God in many lives and in many parts of the world.
My deepest condolences to his family, friends and the Church.

In Christ,

Mammen Joseph
Peniel Gospel Team.

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Kendall Docter
Pastor, Barksdale United Methodist, Bossier City, La.

My trip to India with Dois in 1999 changed my life. At the time ICM had just passed 400 projects. Soon It changed the way I viewed giving to ministry. Dois was a master at handling money. It was all the Lord's; whether made in business or donated by people for ministry.
I have been in awe of this man since I met him. Kind and gentle. Considerate of others. Humble. Tough when he needed to be. Trusting.
I flew from Louisiana just so he could pray over me earlier this year.
May my life increase in wisdom and obedience like this great warrior for the gospel.
God bless ICM and God Bless the Rossier family.

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Vietnam Christian Mission (VCM)
Church organization

Dear Dois Rosser's family members and ICM,
We would like to share our deep condolences to all of you because our beloved Dois Rosser had come to see our Lord.
We really admire and respect to the vision, wisdom and experience that God gives to Mr. Dois and uses him to expanse His Kingdom. Hundreds of churches and thousands of believers in VCM have affected by him through ministries of ICM.
On behalf of all believers and churches of Vietnam Christian Mission, the VCM's Executive Council, we pray that: May our God, the Trinity to be with and to comfort to all of you so that you can continue to serve and to accomplish the Great Commission of our Lord. And we will meet our beloved brother Dois Rosser in HIS Kingdom when our Lord comes.

In His glory
Duc Nguyen Quang
President of Vietnam Christian Mission.

Leandro Ferreira
Coordenador Nacional do MBC no Brasil

Se hoje temos o CBI Encontro com a Palavra sendo transmitido por quase 300 emissoras de rádio no Brasil e com mais de 35.000 alunos, dos quais, 17.000 são presidiários em quase 200 penitenciárias, devemos a ele. Só temos que adorar ao Senhor por essa vida tão produtiva, e que nos deixou um grande legado!

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Clarence Johnson
Church of Jesus

Mr Rosser was a friend of our former pastor, Rev Merlin Ford Sr who had purchased several cars from his dealership. We were trying to build a new church. We needed someone to be a co-signer for us to get a loan from the bank. Mr Rosser helped us by being our co-signer. What a kind and generous man of God. Church of Jesus will never forget what he did for us. We pray for his family in their time of grief. We also pray for ICM that the work he started will continue until Jesus comes.

Bishop Ronald A. Watson Sr.
Radford Church of God in Christ

One of the greatest most effective, sincere and humble Christians in my life and ministry. Through Dois I was privileged to meet the worlds greatest evangelist, Reverend Billy Graham, and was honored to serve as co-chairman of witnessing in (2) two crusades in Virginia. When led by God to pastor at the Radford Church of God in Christ in Radford, Virginia it was Dois who graciously and generously donated $30,000.00 towards the building of our church edifice. He was a tremendous Man of God and servant to all, undoubtedly the most notable builder of churches in the world. And yes, "A man after God's own heart." I cherished him as a dear friend.

Bishop Ronald A. Watson Sr.

Jeff Andrews
IPC Technologies, Inc./EVP National Client Services

In knowing Chuck Colson and working with him in the field, I was fortunate enough to meet many of his closest friends. Dois was one of those that I came to admire and learn from because he lived the life that Christ modeled for him. He was extremely dedicated to our Lord and the Rosser family, and anyone that wanted to travel the road well traveled with him.
I was saved in prison in 1987, and by 1989, a year after I was released, I was introduced to his ministry by Ned Parker, a local attorney who had been a supporter of Prison Fellowship and many others.
Praise God for what He has done in the life of Dois Rosser. Amen

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Catherine Chapman

Back in Summer 2010, I was introduced to Mr. Dois Rosser. I had the privilege of serving as an intern at ICM in 2010, going on an ICM vision trip to Africa in 2011, and partnering with their music ministry in 2013-2014. My life has been touched and my eyes have been opened to the amazing ministry God has been doing through Mr. Rosser, his daughter Janice Allen and the whole ICM team to reach people all over the world for Christ. Through the continuing years, I have counted it as a pure blessing and honor every time I’ve had a moment to glean from Mr. Rosser’s wisdom. My husband, Simon Chapman, and I sat down with Mr. Rosser last year and he brought such assurance to us as we expressed our desire to know God’s next step for us here in America. Simon and I are so thankful to have known Mr. Rosser and thankful that he and his wife were able to attend our wedding in June 2017. Mr. Rosser had a faith in The Lord that was awe-inspiring. His dedication to do all he could to help people find Jesus has and will continue to impact generations. One thing we so admired about Mr. Rosser was his routine of coming to the ICM office every morning and opening up all the mail. He said that was his way of knowing what was going on ? ...He was always seeking how to move things forward in God’s way. He has truly left a legacy.

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Rev. Cu Phan
President, Construction Committee - Evangelical Church of Vietnam (South)

We thank and praise God for the life of Mr Rosser, whom God used to share the Gospel, to nurture believers, and to advance the Kingdom. God has given ICM the tools to do His works. Through the ministry of ICM, hundreds of congregations in Vietnam are equipped with church buildings and valuable practical materials to study God’s Word. We pray and look forward to greater things that God will continue to do through ICM. May Mr Rosser’s legacy will remain and continue to glorify God through many lives and many countries around the world.

We would like to share the sorrow with the family — May the Holy Spirit comfort the whole relatives of Mr Rosser.

In Christ,

On behalf of friends from the Construction Committee,
Evangelical Church of Vietnam (South)

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Sammy Murimi
Director at Share International, Inc.

Dear All at ICM,

On behalf of the Share International Family, I send our sincere condolences to the family of our brother Dois Rosser. I met and interacted with him, and enjoyed fellowship with him and the ICM staff in 2018. Because of his commitment to the cause of Christ, he stayed the course of the command of His Lord and Savior - to go reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, lead many to Christ, and plant churches around the world. Brother Rosser has done exactly that. His legacy and course will live on through those that he imparted the vision, even among the Turkana people of Kenya. To God be all the glory. We mourn and rejoice with you.

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Paul Frimpong Manso
General Supt Assemblies of God Ghana

Mr Dois Rosser was a godly man. A gift from God to the Global Church especially we in Africa. I saw his humility, generosity and Godly nature when I met him at ICM office in Hampton VA.
His home going is a great gain to heaven and his legacy will last here on earth.
My condolences to his surviving family and all ICM staff

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Summer Raborn

I remember the first time I heard Mr. Rosser pray. I had just started volunteer work at ICM and I attended the weekly devotional time with ICM staff. His words were that of a man who walked intimately with our Savior while humbly seeking His guidance and will. Sometimes I did my volunteer work right across from his office and there wasn’t a day that went by where he didn’t come in and personally thank me for my time. He had a way to make you feel special. He touched my life in a short amount of time as he has done for a countless number of people. He loved Jesus and he loved people.

Kimberly F Hansin

What an honor it has been to work for Mr. Rosser. He never missed an opportunity to share his faith in Christ and the miraculous work God is doing through ICM.

He loved the work so much he invited his friends, family and peers to join him and experience the joys of building churches around the world. And, the LEVERAGING…to him the leveraging of their investments in the Kingdom was a no-brainer and he wanted everyone to get in on the deal.

“We are getting a 6:1 ROI for the Kingdom, multitudes are coming to Christ, and nations are being transformed. And, if this doesn’t light your fire, then your wood is wet.”~Dois Rosser

I learned so much and hate to see you go, Mr. Rosser. But, you are now at the throne with Shirley, Dick, and those who have gone before you rejoicing and glorifying our most precious Heavenly Father.

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Clay Rosser

3 Quotes from Dois Rosser.

1. “Mans jumping up and down because we got a picture of Pluto, (long pause) like We did something? God created it”

2. We talk about love, but God is love. We look around the world and not much love. We try to walk in the example but it’s not easy. But think about it God is love. And how big is God? Looking out my bedroom window during my morning devotions, every wave hit by the sunrise is Gods painting.

3. Walking near the grocery store there was a penny so I picked it up, and walking further there was a nickel. Somebody just threw it down. We treat Love like a penny.

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Nabil Costa LEBANON
CEO of Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD)

I recently met Dois in the US on a trip to D.C. and was quickly inspired by his unique vision to build high quality houses of worship for unreached people groups. Despite how long he has been plowing in this faithful field, he communicated his vision as if for the first time with such passion and divine dedication. He moved me to look for new ways in which we in the Middle East can continue this zeal for expanding God's Kingdom though houses of worship. Over the last few months he personally and dedicatedly follow-up on the matter and sent a team from ICM our way. I will continue to be humbled by that encounter and Praise God for the mission and ministry that continues because of Dois.

Jonathan Reed

Dois was very special to me. He became a de facto mentor to me when I was in-between churches. Upon my Dad passing in 2009, other than my Mom and brother, Dois was the first person that I called for prayer, advice, and support. In my 48 years as a Christian, I have never met anyone so energized for the Lord, so mature in his faith, and one having such a long range vision of exactly why he was here on earth. He knew exactly what God would have him accomplish during his remaining years. When I visited Dois and Shirley at the local Country Club in approximately 2006, he turned to me and asked me what I said to Shirley. Apparently, Shirley opened up and became, for a few seconds, completely lucid. He will be missed. I hope that I can model after him, to some measure, anyway, in structuring my remaining years, making them count for the Lord in furthering His kingdom.

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Tammy Diller

I can remember visiting Mr Rosser as a young daughter of missionary parents. Our visits in Virginia would include some of my favorite things; good food, good stories and being either on or near the water. The end of our visit would often include our family driving away in a new-to-us vehicle.
As I became an adult, I grew to appreciate many characteristics of Mr Rosser. His genuine interest in people, his humility and generosity were all admired. His depth of love for our Savior and love of God’s word was so evident in every aspect of his life. So much so that when our culture says it is ok to coast into the finish line, Mr Rosser was just getting started. Who sprints the last third of a marathon? Well, Mr Rosser! He ran into those pearly gates with every last bit of energy poured out for the Lord. “Well done, good and faithful servant “

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Ruboneka Herbo
New Hope Bethesda Church representative
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Don Douglas
Retired From ICM

In 1997, I had a calling from God, to quit my job in banking and to go searching for where He would lead me. My search eventually, with Janice Allen’s help, took me to Hampton to meet with Dois Rosser, her father, who had founded International Cooperating Ministries (ICM) at age 65, even as he continued to oversee his business operations. At the end of our meeting, Dois said (with authority!), “Just come on down and start as a consultant! God will show us the way.” “OK,” I said. After two months of my going to Hampton each day (an hour and a half each way), Dois came into my office one day and said, “This is crazy. Let’s just make it definite that you come on full- time!” “OK (agan!),” I said. Eventually I realized that Dois and “Voice” rhyme!
That conversation with Dois was in 1997 and I was blessed to work with Dois for twenty-two years, until my retirement at the end of August. I will always remember Dois, in love, as my “Dois of authority!” Thanks be to God!

Barnabas Mtokambali
General Superintendent of the Tanzania Assemblies of God

“[He was] a Great Commission leader who challenged us to do something extraordinary for God in winning our nation for Christ and conserving the harvest. [He helped] the Church to grow quantitatively and qualitatively throughout the world.”

Ryan Holloway

Dois inspired me to work at ICM.

Kola de Klerk
CEO of Judea Harvest, South Africa

“Never has any man so quickly made me feel at home and part of the ministry. He made me feel that what I am doing is valuable. His sense of duty to God’s calling on his life was inspiring and made me want to do better and more for God.”

Rev. Dr. Minh Dang
Pastor, Vietnamese Evangelical Church of Akron, OH

“The more I got to know Mr. Rosser, the more I admired his love for our Heavenly Father and his compassion for the unsaved people around the world. Every question that Mr. Rosser asked the pastors and church leaders in Vietnam revealed his great compassion, love and understanding of the hardships they were going through.”

Ellen Vaughn
NYT Bestselling Author & ICM Board Member

“Because I had worked with Chuck Colson for many years, I knew Dois as one of Chuck’s closest friends.
An amiable Southern gentleman and successful entrepreneur, he had made a good deal of money in car dealerships, real estate development, and other businesses. What I didn’t know was that he is a radical brother in Christ. I didn’t know he had taken his earthly fortune and invested it in the work of building churches around the world. I didn’t know he was broadcasting the Gospel via radio and Internet, including many nations whose governments are hostile to Christianity. Nor did I know that Dois had an incredible story to tell. It isn’t really about what Dois is doing, but what God is doing.”